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Pet Ultrasound

A very helpful tool for assessing internal organs in animals is veterinary ultrasonography. It can spot changes in the heart and other abdominal organs as well as help identify any cysts and tumours that might be present. As they show the size, dimensions, and location of the organ, x-rays are frequently used in conjunction with ultrasounds.

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Pet Ultrasound

When our veterinarians at Cumberland Animal Clinic discover anomalies in blood tests or x-rays, or to keep track of a disease process, an ultrasound is typically advised. Additionally, ultrasounds can be used to confirm pregnancies.

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Pet Ultrasound

An ultrasound is a safe, painless, and non-invasive form of imaging that allows us a three-dimensional real-time view of your pet’s internal organs. Using sound waves, an ultrasound provides a moving picture of your pet’s organs that allows us to visualize objects that x-rays cannot. It is these images that enable us to evaluate the size, tissue density, and texture of your pet’s internal organs. We can diagnose pregnancy, as well. The information we gather during an ultrasound procedure can help determine if abnormalities are visible and if further diagnostics are required.

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