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Pet Loss & Grieving
Memories Live Forever

The relationship between a companion animal and a person is a special one. Pets are part of our family and when they are gone, whether it was expected or unexpected, a loving bond has been broken, leaving a void in our daily routines and in our hearts. We grieve in much the same way that we would for a human companion and the feelings of loss and sadness must be acknowledged in order to move past them. Grieving the loss of a pet is a natural process and unique to each individual. It is a personal journey with no definable timetable. If you or a loved one is grieving the loss of a beloved pet, know that there are many resources available to assist you. Below are just a few  that may be of help to you. Give yourself the time and space to grieve, to mourn and to remember all the wonderful moments you shared with your faithful furry friend. Know too that we mourn with you. 

Pet Loss Support Hotlines & Resources

ASPCA Pet Loss Hotline, (877) 474-3310
 Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement
Colorado State Argus Institute for Families and Veterinary Medicine
Grief Healing
Nikki Hospice Foundation for Pets
Pet Grief Support
Pet Loss Help
Pet Loss Support
Rainbow Bridge
Tufts University Pet Loss Support
University of Pennsylvania Veterinary Grief Support