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Pet International Health Certificates

If you’re interested in getting an appointment with us for an international health certificate, please email us at cac@cumberlandanimal.com with your travel destination, dates, and pet information!

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Are you traveling internationally with your pet?

You are responsible for ensuring that the necessary appointments are scheduled on time, and all the requirements are met so you can travel safely with your pet. We can ensure your pet’s health certificate is completed correctly.

The Cost of an International Health Certificate

The cost of the International Health Certificate and appointment is between $360 and $520.

Additional costs may include deworming treatments, tick treatments, vaccines, microchipping, required bloodwork, additional shipping charges, and repeat visits as needed to satisfy the country’s requirements.

A $350 non-refundable retainer is required at the time of scheduling the appointment. Any canceled International Health Certificate appointments will result in the loss of this retainer in the full amount.

All supporting documentation, including rabies certificates, vaccine history, and microchip implant records, should be made available to us at least five business days prior to your appointment. Failure to have all the necessary prep work and documentation submitted to us may result in an additional expedited preparation fee of $250.

We will need copies of all vaccination certificates and required testing to review in order to complete ANY international health certificate.

Note: If any vaccinations, tests, or other health-related issues need to be addressed, they must be done at a separate visit and cannot be done at the same time as the international health certificate exam.

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