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Pet House Call Services

We are glad to offer house calls to accommodate a variety of services, from routine wellness check-ups to end-of-life care. Pet House call as part of our ongoing commitment to providing the best veterinary care.

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Pet House Call Services

We are glad to provide house-call services to meet the needs of all of our clients and their pets as part of our ongoing commitment to provide the best veterinarian care possible.

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House Call Services

We understand that it is not always possible to bring your pet to the hospital. We offer house calls for our established clients, during which a doctor and accompanying technician will come to your home to provide the medical care you have requested for your pet. 

Please note that house calls do incur additional fees. We are happy to provide an estimate of charges in advance, if so desired.


We can bring our highly skilled team and medical knowledge right to your home with house calls. Pets that are anxious or otherwise stressed when visiting our office can benefit from having their exams done at home, where they are more likely to feel safe and at ease. This enables us to assess their conduct and general demeanor in a more informal and natural environment.

Our house-call services are especially beneficial for animals that don’t get along well with other animals and could become very anxious in our office’s waiting area, as well as for animals that are very young, sick, or elderly.

There are numerous benefits to taking advantage of our house-call services, so give us a call right away to find out whether your pet will benefit from this alternative kind of veterinarian treatment. If you want one of our experts to visit your home to help you and your pet, let us know.

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