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Pet End of Life Counseling & Palliative Care

The toughest thing for pet owners to do is to say goodbye to their four-legged companions. When your pet enters their final days, Cumberland Animal Clinic will be there for you, just as we will be at every other stage of their life.

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Pet End of Life Counseling & Palliative Care

In order to best serve you and your pet, we provide complete pet end-of-life care as well as cat and dog euthanasia services.

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Pet End of Life Counseling & Palliative Care

It is painful when your pet is getting close to the end of their life, but knowing and preparing for those final moments can help. Planning for your pet’s end-of-life care can significantly reduce your stress and worry, regardless of whether your furry friend has a chronic ailment that is lowering their quality of life or is nearing the end of their natural life span. Hospice and palliative care are typical options for end-of-life care for pets.


What happens when my pet’s quality of life declines?

Choosing the right time to put your pet to sleep is one of the most difficult elements of providing hospice care for them. When their quality of life is declining, we help walk you through the next steps. You can use a quality-of-life scale to measure your pet’s pleasure and health as a great tool to assist you in making a challenging choice.

What are hospice and palliative care for pets?

Although palliative care is typically a component of veterinary hospice, the terms pet hospice and palliative care are frequently used synonymously. A medical strategy called pet hospice acknowledges that managing the disease’s symptoms is now the main focus rather than its cure. When a pet is diagnosed with or develops a life-limiting condition, the owner may decide against seeking curative treatment, or the sickness progresses to the point that it interferes with daily activities. In such cases, pet hospice is typically started. In order to make sure that pets are comfortable in their final days, pet palliative care focuses on therapies that reduce their pain, motion sickness, or anxiety.

What conditions can hospice and palliative care help in my pet?

Pet hospice and palliative care focus on enhancing your pet’s comfort and quality of life and are frequently used for chronic, incapacitating disorders like osteoarthritis, cancer, and kidney failure. Treatment strategies emphasize:

  • Proper nutrition
  • Pain management
  • Hygiene
  • Mobility
  • Mental and emotional well-being

Veterinary hospice frequently focuses on helping a pet’s family get through this difficult time by providing spiritual or mental health care. For aid in determining your pet’s quality of life and support in making difficult choices, get in touch with our staff.

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