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Green Initiative

Here at Cumberland Animal Clinic, we provide compassionate care for your best friend, and we want to treat the world the same. All people and pets depend on a clean and healthy environment to maintain optimal health!

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What Does it Mean to be Green?

Our practice implements “green” pet care choices. Medication is frequently required to treat sickness and relieve discomfort. However, more and more evidence suggests that by integrating natural, alternative therapies with contemporary medicine, we can lessen the dosage and requirement for medicines while still offering improved pain relief and therapeutic response.

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Our new 7000 sq. foot facility, built in 2014, was designed to be a very tight “envelope” and as energy efficient as possible. The building is insulated with dense GreenFiber super insulation and our doors and windows are all energy efficient.

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Heating & Cooling System

Our heating and cooling system is comprised of five air-sourced heat pumps with energy recovery ventilators and one “mini-split” heat pump for separate airflow in our surgical suite. Automatic timers on all thermostats allow for energy saving during non-business hours.

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We utilize LED and energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs in conjunction with motion sensors in appropriate areas, and automatic timers for our exterior lights. Sky lighting in central treatment areas reduces the need for additional lights! All of our appliances are all-new, star-rated energy efficient.

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Energy Source

Installed in the fall of 2017, our Solar “Farm” provides all the electricity for the practice. Technically speaking, it is a ground-based array of one hundred sixty, 305 Watt photovoltaic panels = 49.8 kw, producing roughly 66 megawatts of electricity per year and offsetting about 70,014 lbs. of carbon pollution (roughly equivalent to 3,000 trees planted annually). That’s a whole lot of green!

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Other ways in which we aim to be green include promoting and encouraging recycling of paper, plastics, packaging, and everything in between.

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Best Practices

We are a paper-lite practice on the road to becoming completely paperless. This is no small feat in an industry that is notoriously paper-centric. Our digital and electronic record keeping significantly decreases the use of paper, which saves more than a few trees each year.